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ICACCA-2017 Technically Co-Sponsored By unnamed

The ICACCA2017 welcome submissions that have not been published and that are not under review by another conference or journal. ICACCA 2017 is creating a unique platform with an interdisciplinary approach addressing various important verticals that drives innovation and is of prime importance across engineering fields.

The scientific community has witnessed radical changes thorough its innovative approach and research in all engineering disciplines. The community has matured to develop and adopt latest tools and techniques that allow researchers from multiple platforms, research laboratories, institutes, etc., across the globe, to work together.

The theme of the conference is broadly based on the disciplines, namely, Computer Science & Engineering/IT/MCA, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. ICACCA 2017 will try to address the rapid development in the field of signal computing, communications, control and automation by interacting and sharing the outcome of their latest research and the state – of – art in Computing, Control, Communications and Automation for various applications.

Track Detail (Not Limited to….)

Track–High Performance Computing –


  • Cloud Computing
  • Distributed Computing
  • Grid Computing
  • Load Balancing Techniques
  • Mainframe Technology
  • Resource Management & Scheduling
  • Parallel & distributed algorithms
  • Quantum computing
  • Fault- Tolerant Computing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Compiler design for high performance computing
  • VLSI technologies in performance computing
  • Operating system development for high performance computing

Track—Advances in Communication, Network & Social Network Analysis


  • Ad hoc networks for ubiquitous communications
  • Cyber law & security
  • Social networks & Online Education
  • Open source software in Web Technology
  • Ethical hacking Approaches
  • Mobile computing Algorithm
  • Intelligent Transport System
  • Signal Processing & Digital Image Processing
  • High Speed Network
  • RF
  • Fraud Control techniques
  • Network Security & privacy policies
  • Computation in emerging computer system
  • Software development for mobile devices
  • Novelty in Wireless sensor networks
  • Information & System Security
  • Neural Network, Virtual Reality & Web Crawlers
  • Data management for ubiquitous computing
  • Visual representation of dynamic social networks
  • Trust networks and evolution
  • Misbehavior detection in communities
  • Multi- agent based social network modeling and analysis

TRACK 3—Intelligent Control System


  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Machine Learning in control applications
  • Soft Computing
  • Neural Networks based control systems
  • Robot Design ,Development & Control
  • Human Machine interface
  • Intelligent control & Intelligent system
  • Mechatronics & Robotics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Nanotechnology and Advance Manufacturing
  • Non – conventional and renewable energy sources

Track4—Artificial Intelligence & Image processing


Pattern reorganization technique

  • Game Theory & Applications
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning & Data mining Techniques
  • Compression technique
  • Computer vision approaches
  • Multimedia applications

Track 5 Cloud Computing


  • Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)
  • Software as a Service(Saas)
  • Storage as a Service
  • Cloud Computing Architectures
  • Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Security as a service
  • Performance of cloud systems & applications
  • Social & Mobile Clouds